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About Me

Learning to love and accept myself was a challenge since I was 5!

I  always wanted to help people feel good about themselves since I could remember. I just wasn’t sure what that would look like because I had so much to get through myself.

I had been through trauma quite early in life when I lost my dad. I experienced years of hurt, shame, anger and loss as I navigated through my then toxic relationship with my mother.

I tried every possible way to numb my feelings – you name it – I tried it. Thankfully, I learned to use dance and music to express my pent up feelings and I began songwriting as a way of healing myself.  It helped me release the pain at least temporarily. 

Later, I discovered the work of Louise Hay as a teen and she changed my life! Do you know about Louise? OMG sister, get “You Can Heal Your Life” today and learn the power of what you say to yourself! God bless Louise Hay! I’ve gotta give this Queen of healing her props! You will thank me 😉

I learned that I am not broken or in need of fixing

In fact, all of my experiences were manifested by me to mold me into the powerful, heart-centered and resilient woman I longed to become. I knew this message of self-love and acceptance was the key to everything for me.

The fog began to clear and I started to see life beyond the excuses of what “they did to me.” I took responsibility for all that was and decided to reimagine the life I wanted. Want more back story about me? Read more about my journey. 

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The Goddess


Since hiring my first coach way back in the 90’s, I’ve been on a mission to reclaim my own identity.  I’ve had a calling, for as long as I can remember, to help others rise up from the ashes of their past and learn how to love and accept themselves more. 

I knew I wanted to serve the woman who’s overwhelmed and burnt like toast from devoting all they have to their family and career with nothing left for themselves.

I studied and became a trained life coach to emulate that partnership which helped me turn my own life around and take responsibility for my grown ass destination!

Mighty is the power of a grown ass woman fully awakened!

When I discovered movement and the power it gave me, it was an amazing gift to myself. I continued to use movement to heal myself and others. Then, I was blessed to disover intenSati (in-ten-SAH-tee), a spiritual workout that combines movement with affirmations and coaching - woman, I became a stalker of it's founder, Patricia Moreno. I'm now an intenSati leader and have been practicing it personally and teaching it to others for over 10 years!  I give so much credit to Patricia and her successor, Lucy Osborne, for the courage and confidence the practice has supported me to create. 

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I love empowering people to live their dreams

Prior to receiving coaching from Yvette, [life] was exhausting and overwhelming…coaching was like having a third eye – it allowed me an opportunity to celebrate me and to be honest [with myself] and accountable.


Donna Johnson

Global Logistics Specialist

Good Now!

Life Is

Can you feel the breeze from that open door inviting you to take control of your untapped future as a fully ignited, successful and energized grown ass woman? You get to choose a win-win life where you're rocking your wellness and career singing “LIFE IS GOOD NOW!”

This is why I do what I do! I’m here to help you reinvent your life in a way that makes you feel badass sassy, sexy and satisfied! Ready to take the first step?


Schedule a call with me below to explore how I can support you to reclaim your true identity and the mind, body, wellness you desire! Imagine yourself - revitalized, moving with ease and saying "yes" to more than work.

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