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Radiant Woman with a Beaming Smile, Exuding Health and Vitality

Hello High Achiever!

Yes, you can fit wellness in!

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You know what you want deep down

In your heart, you know that there’s a price to pay for serving the rest of the world day in and day out.

But you love making a difference! Hell yes! You're so good at what you do and so many people depend on you but you keep forgetting to take care of yourself! In fact, it's gotten pretty serious with your recent checkup. You know that if you don't get a handle on your weight and the stress, you could be headed for a more serious diagnosis.  

You've been the last one on your list for YEARS and you're just not able to manage all your commitments without feeling exhausted, foggy and cranky. You've got drama coming from every direction: your spouse, your job, your kids, your special volunteer projects (how many?), your parents and maybe even your pooch! It's overwhelming but you do it - at what cost?


Your body is feeling stiffer and there are these pains that make you feel old. You  hate figuring out which clothes still fit each day. Ugh! You've got to do something. People are dying around you and you're wondering if you're really going to be able to change. You've tried so many times before. 


You know you need to make time to get some walking in or meditation so you can manage the high levels of stress but WHEN? What happens if you keep putting the world first and don't get your health back on track? Will it have all been worth it? 

But it’s so freaking hard to make your health a priority - you don't have the time! 

You feel stuck.  I’ve been there.

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Reset and Restore with Wellness Coaching

What's possible when your life and health priorities are handled?

Let’s Create the Healthiest Version of You!

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I’m Yvette.


I’m on a mission to empower high achieving women like you to re-imagine your identity beyond the chaos of life!


I coach you to release the guilt of taking care of yourself so you can feel stronger and confident and create the next chapter of your greatness. Wouldn't that feel good? 


Yes! You get to love and own who you are right now while fulfilling your longing to become the best version of you, inside and out. Life's too short not to.

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Envision her now - your highest version of you - doing what you love while making room to care for YOU - unapologetically! Is it possible? Hella yes!

Choose your power right now and click the button below so we can talk about your right to live healthy and to feel good about it!

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Real results: what my clients say…

I was very fortunate to work with Yvette as my wellness coach. She helped me to let go of beliefs that were not supporting me and to identify personal strategies that would allow me to reach my goal. By the end of our sessions together I felt empowered and confident that I had the tools and wherewithal to be successful.

Carol Wickliffe-Campbell

Chief of Staff to the President of a Community College

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Snapshots from my clients:
Before and After Coaching

You've seen the value of a coach for others.

You’ve invested thousands on your kids so they can have an edge with a coach, tutor or advanced training. Am I right or what?  You’ve never missed a beat to get them the support they needed. Hello my sister! Now, it’s your turn. (Yass!) What will it cost you if you wait?

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Re-invent your possibilities 

Ready to


It has been my honor to coach grown ass humans across the globe to rediscover their power, forgive and accept themselves and their journey while creating heathier relationships with their family and body.

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Through coaching, you’ll discover what you really want and plan with accountability to achieve it. You’ll also receive grown ass support to put you on track to loving your whole self deeply, getting healthier and stronger and making room for the calm you've been craving.

Let’s get to the core of what matters to YOU! Learn more about what coaching looks like with me - click the link below.

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