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Elevate Your Mind + Body!

healthy women smiling and Patricia Moreno

The Teacher will appear!

When the student is ready...

My mentor, Patricia Moreno, was truly a warrior of love and a freakin' badass! She was also the creator of "intenSati", a mind, body, spiritual workout which absolutely transformed me!


Patricia and intenSati, gave me the tools to forgive myself and recognize that I have a choice to be the observer of my mind and to consciously co-create my reality. intenSati quenched my thirst of learning how to love and accept myself with simple yet powerful practices of self love with powerful cardio movement.

She challenged and empowered me to deliver this body of work to spiritual beings all over the world so they can remember the power of love, joy, forgiveness and the present moment.

Patricia transcended her earthly body on January 22, 2022. I am committed to carrying out her legacy of sharing this self love and acceptance practice with the world! Join me!

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Ready to prime your mind and body for success?
Join me virtually and let’s get movin' and groovin'!

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