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Breaking up with sugar!

I Broke Up with Sugar!

My studies led to me realizing that my sleep has been way out of sync and that's what has been making me feel like exploding. Remember my "scream meditation?" My lack of sleep and late-night sugar binging had my emotions peaking and my energy levels plummeting. I didn't feel like my cheery self and chose to make one of the biggest decisions of my life! I broke up with sugar! Yes, you heard me right.

That relationship was killing me - the shame and dread of approaching my closet, the refusal to look at my lower body in the mirror, the feeling out of control whenever I was around desserts and carbs that I love.

I also kept hearing so many of the women I started coaching share how hard it was to start this journey because they just can't take another failure after trying so many things. It breaks my heart knowing that many are approaching or already in the third act of our lives and are feeling defeated.

One thing I decided back in April, when I joined the gym, was that this time, I give into the get thin quick gimmicks. I committed to staying on the course to get stronger, leaner and have more energy for the rest of my life no matter how long it takes. I also decided to ditch the scale - again. I saw how I used it to torment myself after I ate more food than I want to admit.

It was the mornings after that I had the insane idea to weigh myself just to see how "bad" I'd been. Maybe so that I could prove that I didn't have the willpower to stick to anything? Who knows? I was certain of one thing: the scale had to go until now.

The Best Time to Weigh Yourself

I've been reading Molly Carmel's "Breaking Up with Sugar" and she says that it's good to weigh yourself at regular intervals to make sure you're on the right path with your eating plan. I chose to do it the first of the month, in my underwear, after my full bio break in the morning. I used to weigh myself daily! I'm done with that crap! The scale is a liar anyway!

How about you? What's running through your mind as you read my story? Where would you like to be 3 months from now if you could get a handle on your stress eating and whatever else is holding you back? I lost 10 lbs. in 24 days! I got my mind right first and that made it so much easier. I'm certain to be down another 10 lbs. by the new year!

I knew it along that the gym alone wasn't enough. I needed to work on the food. I started to work with a coach for accountability and support. I needed to hear back what I was saying to myself. I also got really good tips as we brainstormed the areas I was interested in experimenting with. This is also what I can do for you.

I am opening up my health coaching doors to 7 servant leaders who've let their health take a back seat to their success. If you or someone you know is seriously ready to interrupt unhealthy patterns so you can get more sleep, have less stress, get stronger, leaner, energetic and feel more capable, click here for more information.

Wherever you are today on your journey toward great health, remember, you're not alone unless you want to be. Reach out and get supported because you matter!


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