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"...a woman can mistake her purpose and believe that her function is to enslave herself to her job, or live only to serve her husband, her kids, her family.
This misapprehension can turn into a life where she is utterly starved for pleasure."

Regena Thomashauer a.k.a. Mama Gena

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Love my body

I learned to 

Have you been struggling to love the body you're in?

How can we truly love ourselves fully when everywhere we look, there are retouched images of "PERFECT" humans pretending to real.

I'm done with comparing myself to someone else's standards. How about you? Do you want to feel confident when you look in the mirror because you absolutely love yourself?  To look yourself in the eye and feel gratitude for  who you are and all you've done? I never thought it was possible.

When I started the quest to love myself, it began with mirror work. It was so hard to look myself in the eyes and say something positive with feeling and belief. Yup in order for it to work, I had to find something that was true and say it like I meant it. Saying things like "I'm willing to learn to love you more" when I looked into my eyes softened my heart. After a few weeks of daily practice, it started to happen!

I began smiling at myself in the mirror. I also started treating to dates without the kids or my husband! I started these little Saturday getaways into the city. I attended mini conferences about health and mindset.  I was wide open and determined to find my place in this world beyond motherhood. I was also scared and didn't feel like I could ever be enough, but I kept searching. At a Kirtan workshop,  a woman told me about this workout with positive affirmations called intenSati (in-ten-Sah-tee.) I found two videos online and purchased them.


I had been writing my own positive affirmations for years but I never said them aloud with confidence. These workouts combined positive affirmations with movements that looked like dance mixed with kickboxing - which is totally my jam!  When I found out that the creator of intenSati was teaching in NYC, I couldn't wait to experience it live.  Yes! I was going to meet the founder of intenSati - Patricia Moreno! I never felt so much certainty about my future! What we generated in that class was nothing short of MAGICAL! It was the beginning of the healing of my shame from the inside out. I am forever grateful to the practice of intenSati!

Patricia was truly a warrior of love and a freakin' badass! She coached us while we did our best to embody the names of the moves like "Strong", "Confidence" and "Brave". She challenged us to notice what our inner critic was saying and taught us how to train our minds to consciously create the emotional state we desired. I became an intenSati leader in 2012 and will always be one! Patricia has since passed on to her next destination and I am committed to sharing intenSati with the world.


Have you become 

A whiny martyr?

As a coach, I look back and  see clearly there I was in a battle to prove my worth. I wanted the world to see me as a great mom and, successful career woman who could do it all. Those desires to prove yourself show up especially when your kids are going their own way or awry and work is particularly stressful. You just need to have something that's going right in your life. So, you throw yourself into that huge time-sucking project - knowing that it will leave you with no time for yourself to breathe. 

What if you don't learn how to make room for your wellness? You know those stories about people who don't come back to work after a health scare?  What do you need to realize that it's not a sin to say "NO". I hit a breaking point and thought I was actually going to lose my mind from being pulled in so many directions.

Motherhood and my business was pushing me over the edge. In hindsight, my second daughter was the best thing that could have happened to me. She was the wake up call that pushed me to realize that I had lost my identity and had no boundaries.  Do you hear yourself in my story? Are you giving  from an empty cup and you're so thirsty?  What are you going to do about it? 

First, take a breath. Next, decide that you are not a martyr. You're also not alone and there's support if you lean into it. You provide all of the solutions to everyone around you. Now it's your turn to give yourself the answer and you already know what it is.

Whose responsible for making you stronger?


You know the answer! If it is to be, it's up to...... ME! 

You can whine and complain about how unfair it is to be that woman who has to figure it all out or you can reach your hand out to me and get the support you need. It's okay to ask for help - badass leaders do it all the time!

You’re not alone. There’s a tribe of women, just like you, who have begun taking the steps to reclaim their identity and health and you can too! You're not going to let your success put you in the hospital right? Hella no!

If you’re ready, I’m here to support your decision as a #NoMoreWhinyMartyr. Visit my Work With Me page to learn more.

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