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Create Your Own Miracle


Have you heard that the demand for mental health care is skyrocketing during these changing times?

If you have loved ones, do you grapple with uncertainty of their safety at times.

It’s impossible to be everywhere to shield them from the storms of life. Who’s there to be your shield? Sometimes the fear and desire to be in control can tempt us to feel hopeless. If we're not making time to for self care and to get supported, the feelings can intensify and send us spiraling into numbing or reacting.

Do you have time for a miracle?

Whether you've been feeling exhausted, frazzled and just not able to catch time for yourself, it’s up to you to make the time to create a miracle of healing in your life. Yes, I said miracle because that's what unprecedented times call for.

mir·a·cle a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

What extraordinary event that will bring you welcome consequences are you in need of?

Here are a few self-induced miracles that can renew your spirit, faith and energy when you do them. Which of these speaks to you? Make time to:

o   Think

o   Relax

o   Chat

o   Read

o   Bathe Luxuriously

o   Breathe

o   Walk

o   Commune with nature

o   Exercise

o   Create stuff

o   Dance

o   Ride

o   Laugh

o   Sleep

o   Meditate

o   Dream

o   Write

o   Move

o   Massage

o   ???????

You fill in the blank for what makes you feel spacious, at peace and empowered and make it a priority to schedule your miracle activity it in your calendar EVERY DAY!

I challenge you to put time on your calendar to experience 2 or more of those self-induced miracles that sparked your interest above.

Make time for you today because YOU matter!


In your corner,

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