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No more grinding it out in 2022!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Happy New Year and New You! Ditch the grind!
A New Year to Calm Down!

New Year woman!

How are you feeling about 2022 now that it's finally here?

Are you cheering "Bring it on baby"?

Or, are you trying not to worry about the possible fate that awaits?

Perhaps your thoughts are on something else entirely.

Wherever your thoughts may be, we can’t ignore these unprecedented times. Covid is spiking AGAIN in so many regions – even in my neck of the woods.

We're just not sure how to plan – are we? I marvel at some of my associates who refuse to let fear stop them from traveling and connecting with others. My daughters are just finishing up their quarantine after having Covid for Christmas. Yuck!

I’m issuing a lockdown in my home. But what about our theater tickets next week?! It’s not easy trying to responsibly maintain health while promoting wellbeing and good memories. Ugh!

I’ve been going through some major changes this past year and it’s impacted the way I’m planning for 2022.

I’ve learned that, as women, it’s critical to protect ourselves from the chatter of the inner bully and over-rated martyr mindset.

It’s imperative to resist the depleting push to “grind through to the end” so that we can tend to our health: mind, body and spirit.

You’ve been around the block. Isn’t it time to enjoy the ride NOW instead of holding your breath another year until you get it all done for everyone else?

What if it never gets done?

Sometimes, the grinding mindset has us put our dreams on hold indefinitely. I’m here to remind you that you get to go too woman!

I’m all about win-wins for me and my clients. That means no more victim mindset.

I’m not cheering or worrying.

I’m allowing and trusting. Staying closely connected to my heart and my body.

I’m not getting caught up in the fear of not knowing everything or that I have to make a massive impact. Releasing myself of this responsibility frees me from judging my work so that I can create and share it without expectations.

I’m declaring 2022 to be about saying “YES!” to our humanness and creating boundaries at work and adding more play, laughter, sleep and silliness! Oh, yes, more love making, dancing and singing too!

What do you want to declare for 2022? Don’t worry about the how for now!

If you want to learn how to grind less in the new year by using my mind-body-spirit meter, click here to read more in this week's blog.

Was your head nodding when you read my declaration? I’d love to know, please hit reply and share what resonated. What was it? More sleep? Or play? Or sex???? Yummy desires calling your name?

You deserve to live in your greatness! May 2022 be flowing abundantly with the desires of your heart!

Happy New Year!

With gratitude and love,


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